Monday, November 18, 2013

Break ups

Wouldn't it be awesome if a relationship has an expiry date? Well at least you would be ready for that day to come, instead of holding on a false hope. At least you will love that particular person to the bits, and let him go with peace. At least you will know that things had already fall down, instead of playing with the word "why"

Breaking up is never easy, I know. The urge to get back with your ex will occurs to you since you are used to the routine that both of you shares. But you cant's just run back to him and tell him how sad you are because that just sounds pathetic. And you did that because you're feeling so insecure at the moment? How selfish are you? So the only thing that you're capable to do is cry. But it's okay, tears will dry in no time.

I believe that breaking up is not just about teary eyes and f up mind. It's more than that. It's how you deal with your life after the break up; how you're going to wake up the very next day without his cute good morning/good night text messages, how you're going to face the world alone without his inspirational sayings inside your mind, how you're going to need to replace his little voice with some random songs, how you need to find new hobbies to fill the gap of missing him, how you're going to smile without even faking it and how you will find out who's really there for you through thick and thin.

I have to tell you, not every relationship going to work out perfectly, even a long term relationship can lead the couple to a dead end. It's not the matter of who's right or wrong in that relationship. It's not the matter of trying to find their little weaknesses. The important question is, are you ready to make a commitment? Would you put everything aside for the one that you truly love? x

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