Monday, September 17, 2012



This is life.
In life, there are problems that you can't fix.
Problems like that will remain and there will be no solution.
Some hearts are like that as well.

Once It get broken, It will remain broken without any solution. People will decide to run away.
Run away from their problems and their broken hearts.
They will run as far as they can to try and set themselves free.

But they have forgotten that no one can ever run away fro their problems.
And no one can run away from feeling broken.

This is life. 
Everyone will face this kind of situation.
This kind of pain for not being able to be free.
Things like this happen and what we should do is stay strong.

Have faith and stay strong.
Don't run away because no matter how far you manage to run away, all the problems and all the pain you felt before will come after you.
All that will just add up to the pain that you are already feeling.

We must face the problems that we have even though there is no solution for it.
We must stay strong.

This is life.
We can plan all we want but we cant decide what is going to happen next.
We can hope for the best, hope for a change in things but we must prepare ourselves in case what we hope for drift away and leaves us with nothing.
Be prepared because this is life.
Not all our hopes come true.
Some hopes are just fake.
A fake that we decide to hope for just to hide the pain away.

Made by : Farah Syaza Syahirah Bt Mohd Amin x

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