Friday, November 2, 2012

Real Friendship


Real friends like you for who you are. They respect your opinions and believe in your dreams. They don't judge you by your appearance or popularity or by the guy you are dating. They know all the little details about you and still like you anyway. Real friends are there to celebrate the happy days and to console you through the not-so-happy days.

Real friends laugh with you and cry with you and feel for you when you don't feel much like feeling. Not everyone who comes and goes in your life will prove to be a real friend. Some people may seem that way for a bit, but when the going gets tough, those people are usually hard to find. It's been said that once you grow older, if you can count the number of real friends you have on more than one hand, you are a very lucky person. Trust me when I say that this is very true.

Value your real friends. Don't waste time with people who don't respect you or who really don't listen when you talk. If you can't be completely yourself in front of someone, then that person is not a real friend. Put 100% into friendship that matter and don't be fooled by people who give you any less.


1) When new people start paying you special attention after you get a brand-new car, they are not real friends.

2) When you lock your keys in that car at 3 in the morning in the pouring rain, 30 minutes outside of town, the person who picks you up and laughs with you about it the whole way, that's a real friend.

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