Thursday, May 23, 2013


I crave to be accepted for who I am on my darkest days. I want you to see how tangled I am with my past, how high my ego is. I want to shower you with all of my imperfections. I know it will scare you off and I know it shouldn't be this way but I believe that the best part of me is something that you need to fight for, not something that was made to please you. I stay devoted to the people I care about. I have a huge dream. You will soon realize how softhearted I am-but only if you choose to stay a little longer. I hope you do but I can't force feelings and I certainly have no rights to keep you.

So, I'll wait, even though waiting is tiring. To bring a stranger into your life and allow him to catch a glimpse of what it's like to have you around and was thrown away because you don't belong in this expectations-well that sucks. And I can't bear to repeat the same cycle over and over again. Maybe I didn't try hard enough or maybe I should have stop trying way too hard. Either way, it's eating up my bar of patience and I'm beginning to lose hope. I just, I hope you stay. I don't know who you are yet, and I'm starting to feel like I wouldn't even meet you in the end. Please appear where I'm typing right now because I need you to hold my trembling hand and tell me that it is all okay now. Please, find me. Find me quick. Because I'm tired of pushing people away without my consciousness. And I'm afraid I might had pushed you away too x

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